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Why Amazonic One?

Amazonic One is an initiative of entrepreneurs from several continents who have understood that it is not enough to just get rich, build a family and have comfort. We need to do more for the world we live in. Everyone hears about the actions of non-governmental organizations for the protection of fauna and flora, environmentalists and climate advocates. We don't have the talent of these people, so we decided to use the talent we have: The talent to undertake. Thus began the Amazonic One.

Amazonic One is a legacy for generations to come

In the beginning it was difficult to justify a company that needs profits and positive results to dedicate itself to the preservation of Nature. But several factors contributed to the success of the venture. With the participation of international authorities such as Mr. Matthjis Hoorn from the Netherlands and Mohiba Khalil pricesa from the Arab Countries gained notoriety

and it was discovered that it is possible to make the Forest self-sustainable in the process of its preservation. Amazonic One involves several third sector companies to fulfill its social objective. With the acquisition of legal land for protection, it became possible to undertake a whole engineering project to generate green revenue and thus give dynamics to leasing projects and agreements for environmental protection.Today Amazonic One has 10,000 Acres expanding to 700,000 Acres of land to be protected. And this is only possible because the whole world can participate.

How can the whole world participate?!

Through the website anyone on the planet can contribute 1 Dollar and thus invest in preservation. There are other contribution formats and all of them via the internet. Get to know the Amazonic One token, participate, find out more about this project.

Either we preserve our planet, or we really need Elon Mush to build bases on Mars for us. But preserving is much simpler, more polite, inclusive and cheaper for all of us.

Be yourself a protector of the Amazon Rainforest with Amazonic One.

October 27, 2022

by Aleph Oisa

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