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Enio Kopenawa visits Amazonic One

Last October 12th, we received a visit from leaders of the Yanomami indigenous ethnic group at Espaço Amazonic One. Leader Enio Kopenawa and Mr. Leandro Sousa, both defenders of the rights of Yanomami Culture and ethnicity in Brazil, were received by the president of Amazonic One, Mr. Cassio Alvarenga. On the occasion, they spoke about the potential partnership of Amazonic One in offering protection and support for environmental protection for the Yanomami Reserve. "There is a lot to be done to guarantee the rights of the Yanomamis and every action that takes care of the Forest is of value to our people" said Enio Kopenawa, who has been guiding Amazonic One on how to access it, so that Amazonic One's services are delivered with due cultural respect and value to the Yanomami population. The Yanomami are responsible for a demarcated Forest Reserve of 9 Million Hectares of Amazonia. "Our objective is to offer the Yanomami the technological benefit of land protection with professional coverage and thus support social peace in the communities. We understand that this is only possible with good and continuous communication with the Yanomami", with this speech the president of Amazonic One gave his new colleagues and visitors a copy of the Amazonic One pro ecology shirt.

Leandro Sousa, an indigenist with more than 20 years of experience and work for indigenous culture, believes that a partnership between Amazonic One and the Yanomami people will enable social actions that are so necessary in the lives of the indigenous people of the Amazon that should have a positive impact on ethnicities.

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October 17, 2022

by Aleph Oisa

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