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How can you and I participate in Amazonic One?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Amazonic One is much more than a technology company. We connect the people of the world interested in protecting the Amazon with the Amazon. Everything works like this: With just 1 Dollar on average, anyone with internet access can purchase a TOKEN Amazonic One (AMZ1). Each token is responsible for financially guaranteeing the protection of 1 square meter of forest for 10 years.

AMZ1 is a token created to share with you the power to protect the forest.

Thus, the more tokens you acquire, the greater the private preservation area in the Amazon.

How can I check if the area is being protected?

AMZ1 has in its documentation two powerful pieces of information:

1a.) Latitude and Longitude of each of the protected spaces

2a.) Link for you to access a real-time online monitoring solution for Amazonic One's conservation areas. You can supervise the work of Amazonic One yourself and speak with our support team if you need more information or want to participate more effectively in the actions.

But does 1 dollar protect for 10 years?

Yes, Protect. This is because we combine investments from companies that purchase or donate to preserve the forest on a regular basis. In the general sum of the needs, this is a fair value and the work of all people is remunerated in accordance with labor laws and as Amazonic One is a private company it has to present not only to the government, but publicly all its reports of activities and finances.

I want to buy a Token, how do I do that?

Click on the link below and you will go directly to our online store. There you can purchase as many tokens as you want. Haaa, property titles are being delivered immediately and you can already use it in your personal or company marketing tool.

October 22, 2022 by Aleph Oisa

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