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On August 26, 2022, we were presented with a visit from leaders of the Yanomami people. It was with immense pleasure that I met the authorities of this indigenous ethnic group so important to Amazonia.

Yanomami are the largest ethnic group in the Amazon and have international recognition

At this moment, we are trying to understand how we can participate in the history of this people in a positive way and with respect for the true Brazilian natives. We hear stories and we are learning about how to offer without harm, how to participate from the indigenous point of view.

"I loved hearing the story of how they offered an airplane to the indigenous people and Tuchau (the leader's title) explained that an Indian doesn't need an airplane. of knowledge and heard the following explanation: If you give me a plane with an airport, fuel and pilot then your present makes sense, otherwise it is not present."

Cassio Alvarenga

The opportunity made it clear that the indigenous people are much more aware and demand the respect that is due to them. Amazonic One has this DNA on its board of directors. With representatives from different races and different ethnic groups, Amazonic One is also part of this process of defending respect and working with value and justice for its customers, partners, donors, investors and friends.

August 30, 2022

by Aleph Oisa

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